Gas dynamic tools

The gas-dynamic tools

The principal tools in the kit are:

  • Eilmer, a simulation program for 2- and 3-dimensional gas flows.
  • L1d, a program for the end-to-end simulation of free-piston-driven shock tunnels and expansion tubes.
  • foamMesh, A nice parametric grid-generation tool for OpenFOAM simulations.
  • IMOC, an interactive program for the isentropic method for characteristics for 2-dimensional ideal gas flows.
  • A library of functions for the calculation of simple gas dynamic processes such as shocks and expansions in the presence of chemical reactions. This library may be used from within your Lua scripts, or a version of it may loaded into a Python or Ruby interpreter. A number of application programs, such as the Poshax program, make use of the functions from the library.