Python library and programs

Loadable library for Python

The loadable library comes with eilmer as top-level namespace. Within that namespace, there are packages for gas models, flow analysis, geometry construction and general numerical methods. There are also a number of application programs that may be used from the command line.

Gas-dynamic functions

This package provides access to functions for the thermochemical gas model and, built on top of that, simple state-to-state and stream-tube flow analysis functions.

Geometry functions

The collection of geometric functions is built to look like the Lua functions for constructing geometric objects in Eilmer.

Application programs

Programs built upon the loadable library:

  • IMOC, an interactive program for the isentropic method for characteristics for 2-dimensional ideal gas flows.
  • ESTCN, Calculator for equilibrium shock tunnel conditions, with nozzle.
  • build-uniform-lut, Assemble a look-up-table gas model, based on CEA2 calculations for a gas mixture in thermochemical equilibrium.
  • NENZF1D, Calculation of Nonequilibrium Nozzle Flow with finite-rate chemistry.
  • Poshax, Calculation of Post-Shock Relaxing flow.

Getting started

To use the library, it first needs to be built and installed from within the source code directory for the gas models.

cd dgd/src/gas
make install

Note that this command will also install the Python application programs to the ${DGD}/bin directory.

If you have not already done so, you should set the following environment variables so that the Python interpreter can find the library.


Remember to refresh your current shell (or log out and log back in) so that your newly configured environment is available.