Equilibrium Shock Tunnel Conditions, with Nozzle

This program can be used to estimate flow conditions for shock-processed flows typical of high-performance shock-tunnels and expansion tubes.

The program can do a number of calculations from the command line:

  • flow in a reflected shock tube with or without a nozzle
  • pitot pressure from free-stream flow condition
  • stagnation (total) condition from free-stream condition
  • code surface condition from free-stream condition

Getting started

estcn is a Python3 program built upon the core gas models and the loadable library that is wrapped around those models. To install the estcn program and the loadable library, move to the gas source directory and use the make utility.

cd dgd/src/gas
make install

This will also install files associated with the gas models. Note that you should have your Linux environment set up as described on the Quick Start Guide.