Preparing Your Mac

These notes were prepared by Ingo Jahn. They document the procedure Ingo used to prepare a development environment for building and running the codes in the DGD collection.

Steps to prepare Mac for Eilmer use

  1. Install Xcode developer tools. Open terminal and type:

    $ xcode-select -p

  2. Install newest version of python (optional)

  3. Install homebrew

  4. Install gedit editor

    $ brew install gedit

  5. Install mercurial

    $ brew install mercurial

  6. Install dmd

    $ brew install dmd

  7. Create dgd directory and clone repository. See Download.

  8. Install a copy of gfortran (included as part of gcc)

    $ brew install gcc

  9. (For MPI use) Install OpenMPI v 1.8 from source.

    This is an important note. The version of MPI bundled with OSX is too new to work with the DLang openmpi bindings as used by Eilmer. So if you use the OSX-bundled OpenMPI, you will not be able to build Eilmer. Do not install openmpi from the Max packages.

    Instead, you can download and install an old version of openmpi. We have tested 1.8 and that works well. It’s not uncommon to have to build your own version of openmpi on Mac. There are more instructions available at this openmpi FAQ link:

  10. Build Eilmer by following instructions here. NOTE: PLATFORM=osx

  11. Install Paraview