Preparing Your Mac

These notes were prepared by Ingo Jahn. They document the procedure Ingo used to prepare a development environment for building and running the codes in the DGD collection.

Steps to prepare Mac for Eilmer use

  1. Install Xcode developer tools. Open terminal and type:

    $ xcode-select -p

  2. Install newest version of python (optional)

  3. Install homebrew

  4. Install gedit editor

    $ brew install gedit

  5. Install mercurial

    $ brew install mercurial

  6. Install dmd

    $ brew install dmd

  7. Create dgd directory and clone repository. See Download.

  8. Install a copy of gfortran (included as part of gcc)

    $ brew install gcc

  9. Build Eilmer by following instructions here. NOTE: PLATFORM=osx

  10. Install Paraview