flux_dict.py – Dictionary to look up flux-calculator index from name or number.

Entries in this dictionary may be used in your Python input script. They include:

  • RIEMANN: An exact Riemann-solver-based flux calculator.

    It is slow and only works for ideal gas models at the moment.

  • AUSM: M. S. Liou’s AUSM approximate flux calculator.

    Fast but tends to be a bit noisy.

  • EFM: Mike Macrossan’s version of Dale Pullin’s equilibrium

    flux calculator as coded by Paul Petrie-Repar. When you need a dissipative scheme, this is a good one.

  • AUSMDV: A version of Wada and Liou’s AUSMDV scheme.

  • ADAPTIVE: A switched AUSMDV/EFM scheme that uses EFM near

    shocks and AUSMDV elsewhere. This is a good all-rounder for shock-tunnel work.

  • AUSM_PLUS_UP: An updated version of Liou’s AUSM flux

    calculator that includes (1) preconditioning to make it suitable for calculations at all speeds and (2) a pressure-velocity coupling modification to remove odd-even decoupling issues encountered in low speed flows.

  • HLLE: Harten-Lax-vanLeer-Einfeldt approximate Riemann solver

    for MHD flows.

  • HLLC: Harten-Lax-vanLeer-Contact approximate Riemann solver.